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  • 26cm-glass-clock-with-dark-green-and-pink-brown-enamel
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The beauty of Kiln-formed glass

The delicate and gem-like character of enamelled coloured glass naturally lends itself to being used to make jewellery. Sarah Broadhead creates these pieces by setting painted, enamel-sprinkled glass into fine Sterling Silver wire for Pendants and earrings. Some pieces magnify and heighten the impact of the colours by reflecting the iridescence of the glass onto a silver surface.

Other work reflects her knowledge of textiles and weaving using woven wire to offset the glass and semi-precious beads in earrings and bracelets. Her necklaces and chokers use selected beads and silver findings to create a new look for casual or evening wear. Each piece is a medley of texture, pattern and colour.

Sarah’s enamelled kiln-formed glass pieces are infused with light through her captured ‘Eternal bubbles’ and richly coloured patterns. It creates a hypnotic optical effect which resonates perfectly in the contemporary yet timeless designs. Every piece is handmade and signed, each a unique work of art, from flower-like dishes bowls and vases, to clocks, quirky coasters and individual wall panels.

Created by PosAbilities