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Eternal Bubble Clock 26cm Dark green


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Product Description

These clocks can form a striking focal point in any room or blend with existing decor. They come in a wide range of colours. They are coloured with glass enamel, with two layers of glass fused together in a kiln. The hours are marked using Sarah’s Eternal Bubble Design and as they are handmade the colours and shapes of the bubbles may vary slightly.
Each clock is individually signed and numbered by the maker.
They are usaually 26cm but can be ordered at sizes up to 30cm diameter.
They are easy to hang on the wall and are powered by an AA battery.
As with all handmade items colours may vary slightly from the photograph.
The price includes postage, packing and insurance.

Replacement mechanisms can be sourced from: C&L Mail Order Ltd 01288 381255

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